Faculty of Child StudiesDepartment of Child Studies Repeating a lot of practical
training and problem discovery,
Aiming to be a childcare worker
who is specialized and strong in the field.

Department of Child Studies

Efforts are being focused toward education in arts and culture through “Pokke,” which is an open space where parents and children are able to perform various activities such as learning, playing music, making figurative art, and enjoying nature. Through our academic partnership with Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, students also develop a global perspective while learning extensively about the fields of psychology and welfare. This is a department where students are able to experience growth under the guidance of experienced and enthusiastic instructors.

Department of Child StudiesThree Distinctive Features

“Pokke,” an open space where students learn alongside regional parents and children
“Pokke” is an open space for parents and children that is open three times a week. It is freely visited by parents and children aged 0 to 3 and is a place where students are able to put their lessons into practice. Starting in their freshmen year, all students experience learning through "Pokke" in class. During their spare time, students are also able to participate in activities as student staff members.
Academic corabolation with the ESC(School of Early Childhood Studies) within the Faculty of Community Services of Ryerson University in Canada, a country advanced in family support
Located in Toronto, Ryerson University is the only university in Canada where students are able to learn about the theory and practice of family support. Under our academic collaboration with the ECS(School of Early Childhood Studies) within the Faculty of Community Services of Ryerson University, our Department of Child Studies is able to hold international seminars, conduct joint research, and carry out study tours in Canada, which in turn allows our students to deepen their learning from an international perspective.
Enriched learning in the field of psychology
Today, there is an increasing number of cases of children suffering from various mental health issues. In light of this situation, we are providing enhanced education in the field of psychology to enable our students to aid children in overcoming their psychological problems, such as stress, in settings of childcare and early childhood education. Students can also obtain the qualifications needed to become certified psychologists.