Faculty of Childhood Studies Department of School Education By repeating
learning in the classroom
and practicing in the field,
you will develop the ability
to become a teacher.

Department of School Education

We offer classes in a variety of areas such as music, art, street dancing, as well as the methodology in teaching the course of study, which was established by a leading expert in training elementary school teachers. We also have a well-developed curriculum that comprises internships in education, support seminars for a career in teaching, seminars for improving English proficiency, and English seminars for a short-term study abroad program in Hawaii, which are all carefully planned from the time students are enrolled.

Department of School EducationThree Distinctive Features

Recreating elementary school classrooms on campus
Through setting up simulation classrooms on campus, students are able to acquire teaching skills by conducting trial lessons while standing at the teacher's podium. In addition, students are also trained to become elementary school teachers who are able to work confidently without distress by engaging in activities such as creating various notices needed for classroom management and learning how to put them up effectively.
Setting opportunities to allow students to systematically interact with children from freshmen year
Students who strive to become teachers are given opportunities to work with many children from their freshmen year onward. During freshmen year, students visit the nearby schools that facilitate teacher-training to support children in their activities after school and on Saturdays. During sophomore year, students support homeroom teachers by serving as assistant teachers at elementary schools. Following this, students engage in practical learning by conducting four weeks of practical teaching in junior year then performing caregiving work at special needs schools in senior year.
Diverse curricula for improving English teaching skills
In order to develop teachers who will be able to provide the English education taught at elementary schools, students are required to take a compulsory subject called “Methodology in Teaching Elementary English” in addition to attending seminars for improving English proficiency and English seminars for a short-term study abroad program in Hawaii. By doing so, students are able to acquire the skills needed to teach elementary school students English in a way that will allow them to learn the basics of English while familiarizing themselves with the language.