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Urawa University fosters trust in people’s hearts.
Urawa University and Urawa University Junior College was first established as a private school by Soichiro Kunori in 1946. After going through various circumstances, the school was later developed into Urawa Junior College (now known as Urawa University Junior College) in 1987 and Urawa University in 2003. At its location of Osaki in Midori Ward, Saitama, the campus offers an environment that is quiet and abundant in greenery for students to acquire the knowledge and skills needed in today’s Japanese society. The teaching here, which covers the fields of childcare, welfare, and education, is detailed and mainly provided in seminars with small enrollments. All the learning conducted at the university and junior college is guided by the founding spirit and basic philosophy of "fostering virtues through practical learning," and the efforts made toward the aim of “developing people with practical education" also continues on today without change. Thus, there will surely be a place here where you belong.
Yuu Hisada
Head Director of Kunori Academy President of Urawa University and Urawa University Junior College

Faculty of Child Studies
Learn with children, "growing together "

The Faculty of Child Studies aims to develop professionals who are sufficiently equipped with the abilities required in today’s increasingly complex settings for childcare and childhood education.

Along with acquiring specialized knowledge, theoretical concepts, skills, and abilities that are related to childcare and childhood education, students also deepen their comprehensive understanding of children as well as their outlook on childcare and education by learning about a wide range of topics, including the culture, history, nature, and environment of children.

In this faculty, we accept the students who have the ability to sense the growth in children and are willing to grow themselves while actively engaging with children, their families, and the regional community.

Faculty of Sociology

Modern Japanese society is changing due to two major trends. One is international globalization, and the other is the aging population within Japan. In the Faculty of Sociology, students study the general skills needed by modern people alongside a wide range of fields related to sociology and social welfare. Students also develop the ability to accurately understand the current state of society and to analyze the causes behind it. Additionally, by acquiring various qualifications, students can improve their ability to adapt to modern society.

Junior College
Nursing Care Welfare Course

The Department of Care and Welfare aims to create leaders in the care profession by providing an extensive education.