Faculty of SociologyDepartment of Modern Sociology Develop the ability to respond to the future

Department of Modern Sociology

The Department of Modern Sociology aims to develop professionals who are able to play an active role in society by accurately analyzing the trends in our modern society, which is becoming increasingly diverse and complex due to globalization and the advancement of IT, and understanding the issues behind those trends from a sociological standpoint.

The department’s curriculum has the following three advantages.

Department of Comprehensive Welfare Three Distinctive Features

Students acquire broad knowledge and basic theoretical concepts through fundamental subjects such as “Introduction to Sociology” and “Methodology of Social Research.” In addition to this, they are also able to learn at a deeper level by obtaining practical knowledge, theoretical ideas, and skills in the developmental subjects that cover the specialized fields of "media," "tourism and culture," and "society and administration.”
Students can attain qualifications for professions such as social researcher, tourism operator, and data processor. Also, by taking a course in teaching, students are able to obtain a license to teach (social studies) in junior high school and a license to teach (civics) in high school.
Providing a thorough education by conducting seminars for small groups of people allows us to train our students in the communication, writing, and information skills that are required of business professionals and teachers and to steadily enhance their ability to respond flexibly to the real world. The department aims to be a "learning community" that stands by its mottos of “understanding sociology to help refine each other’s knowledge as members of society," and "providing support to improve each other’s ability to discover and resolve social issues.”