Urawa University

Faculty of Childhood Studies

Children's Community Center

Modeled after Family Resource Centers and Drop-in Centers, which are the pillars of family support in Canada, the Children's Community Center has been running since the establishment of the Faculty of Childhood Studies.
The Children's Community Center provides comprehensive education that connects students, children, regional residents, and resources. In addition to providing childcare and early childhood education, the work of a childcare worker requires the ability to support families and to assist them in childrearing.
At the center, support is provided to students to allow them to smoothly execute the on-campus and off-campus exercises and practical training that are required for them to obtain qualifications and licenses. However, at the same time, we also aim to deepen their learning by planning and operating an open space at the center called "Pokke,” which is freely visited by parents and children in the regional community. “Pokke" is a “fountain of learning” where a diverse range of people of various generations, including students, parents, children, and teaching staff, are able to meet, interact, and grow together. It has now become an important place in theregional community.